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Feedback unpack

A couple of months ago we received this review from a parent:

"Such a lovely, relaxed atmosphere, friendly faces and a beautiful culture amongst the tamariki. My three children love going and I love dropping them off knowing they are in such good hands. Love your work Team :)"

Obviously this made me super-happy to read and to know that this parent felt this way about the Centre. It got me thinking about some of the wording she chose to use.

Lovely, relaxed atmosphere : the definition of atmosphere is“the character, feeling or mood of a place”. This is evident as soon as you enter a room. We’ve all been there - if it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. The opposite is also true - we feel safe, encouraged and happy when the atmosphere is right.

Friendly faces: team members with smiles make all the difference. Whatever struggles have been going on at breakfast time at home can be forgotten when a teacher wants you to hand them your child and welcome them to the day of play.

Beautiful culture amongst the tamarikirelationship, relationship, relationship. Between children, between children and teachers, between teachers. All of these relationships are vital and contribute towards the special culture


Dropping them off in good handsOur training and work experience are tools we rely on -- and these equip us to provide the best quality of care and education possible.

Love your work: this says that what we do is work and while that is accurate, it is also fun and something that each one of us has chosen to do with our days. 

Thank you to this mummy for her amazing feedback. 

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